Constitution and By-Laws of the






Under God and for our Country, we gather together in this Veterans Association for the following purposes:

To uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America;

To promote the general peace, welfare and goodwill of all citizens;

To foster and perpetuate the values of the America Revolution of 1776;

To preserve the memory of our service to the United States of America in war and in peace and to honor the memory of all veterans’ service and sacrifice; and

To foster a sense of individual responsibility and obligation and to safeguard and pass forward   to posterity the principles of freedom, democracy, justice and service to the Nation, State and Community.



Section 1.   The name of this organization shall be the AMERICAN VETERANS

ASSOCIATION POST 1776, (hereinafter referred to as “The Post”), located in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey.

Section 2.   The Post Headquarters shall be in Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. All Notices, Correspondence and other mail shall be addressed to The Post at Post Office Box 132, Schooley’s Mountain, New Jersey 07870.



Section 1.   The object and purpose of The Post shall be to promote the principles and

policies set forth in the foregoing preamble.


Section 1.   This Post is a civilian association and not affiliated with any other Veteran organization, military or police service.

Section 2.   This association is and shall always be non-political and non-sectarian, and shall

not be associated with or used for the dissemination of partisan political principles or for the promotion of the candidacy of any person seeking public office or preferment.

Section 3.       Each member shall perform his full duty as a citizen according to his own

conscience and understanding.



Section 1.   Any person shall be eligible for membership in the AMERICAN VETERANS

ASSOCIATION POST 1776 who has served on Active Duty or National or State Guard duty or ANY Reserve Status in ANY branch of the Armed Forces of the United States of America at any time in War or in Peace, who provides proof of Service with an Honorable Discharge and/or Honorable Separation from said Service and who has subjected himself or herself to military discipline or unqualified Service.

Membership in the Association or an Auxiliary thereof may be extended to Member Spouses by approval of majority vote of the Members;

Section 2.   Application for membership shall be made in writing under such regulations as prescribed by the Post Executive Committee and must be accompanied by Proof of Service (Honorable Discharge and/or DD214 or the equivalent). Upon recognition and acceptance of eligibility of the applicant and receipt of Dues at a regular scheduled meeting a majority vote of the Post members in attendance will be necessary for acceptance. Dues are set for this Post at $15.00 (Fifteen Dollars) per year per Member.

Section 3.   There shall be no form or class of membership other than an “active” membership except in these circumstances with the approval of a majority vote of the Membership:

  1. “Honorary Lifetime Member” granted by majority vote of the membership to a previously enrolled Member who, by fact of extraordinary Service to the Post or to the United States of America, is deemed deserving.
  2. “Honorary Lifetime Member” status is granted to any Serviceman or Servicewoman who has been Killed in Action while on Active Duty.
  3. “Founding Member” status is granted for all Original Members. These Members will be carried on the Roll in Perpetuity.

Section 4.   Dues for Active Members shall be paid annually for as long as the Membership remains active and the Dues Amount shall be set by majority vote by call of the Post Commander.

Section 5.   Membership in The Post does not preclude membership in other veteran organizations, i.e., Veterans of Foreign Wars, American Legion or other.

Section 6.   Members may be expelled or suspended from the Association only upon showing of “cause”, disloyalty, neglect of duty, dishonesty, non-payment of dues for any year (after six months to correct) or other conduct unbecoming a member of this Association. No member shall lose his membership until a “fair hearing”, attended by a majority of the membership, has been held and a decision made by majority vote. This majority decision shall be final.

Section 7.   Members suspended for “non-payment” of dues may be re-instated upon payment of any arrears and the full “current” year by Order of the Post Commander without a majority vote.



Section 1.   The administration of Post affairs, between meetings of the Post, and except as

otherwise provided in these By-Laws, shall be under the supervision of an Executive Committee which shall consist of the Commander, the First Vice Commander, the Second Vice Commander and the Command Adjutant.

Section 2.  The elective officers of this Post shall be a: COMMANDER, a FIRST VICE


Section 3.       Duties of Officers

COMMANDER – Command leadership of all aspects of the Post; chairs meetings, directs projects and themes of Post ceremonies and functions. The Commander may direct the Command Adjutant to call Special Meetings when deemed necessary and shall appoint all Officers and Committees not otherwise provided in the By-Laws.


FIRST VICE COMMANDER – Shall assume and discharges the duties of Commander in the absence or disability of the Commander, or when called upon by the Commander to assume Command.

SECOND VICE COMMANDER – assumes all the above duties in the absence of the First Vice Commander and will hold office as Audit Officer for all financial and book­keeping matters of the Post.

COMMAND ADJUTANT – shall have charge of all duties assigned directly by the Commander, including Public Information, Government Liaison, Special Projects, serve as Chief of Staff for the Commander as required and may appoint at his or her discretion an Assistant.

SECRETARY – shall have charge of and keep full and correct records of proceedings related to all meetings, render reports as directed by the Commander and verbally report the record of all previous meetings at each successive meeting. The Secretary shall maintain membership lists.

TREASURER – shall be charged with the collection and custody of all monies of the Post, keep records of said monies, report fund status at each monthly meeting or at Commander’s direction, to the Executive Committee, the condition of the finances of the Post and will coordinate fund raising activities with Officers and members and will sign all checks disbursing monies of the Post.

HISTORIAN – shall be charged with the individual and group records and incidents of the Post and Post members and shall perform such duties as archiving, collection of news articles, etc. that will retain and safeguard the historical record of the Post and other duties of record-keeping that may pertain to the Post.

CHAPLAIN – shall be charged with the spiritual welfare of the Post members and will offer Non-Sectarian service in the event of dedications, funerals, public functions, etc. The Chaplain will be selected by the membership and serve until

SERGEANT-AT-ARMS – shall preserve order at all meetings and ceremonies and shall perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Commander or Post Executive Committee including Military Honors and Salutes at all ceremonies and present all new members/guests to an assembled meeting.


SERVICE OFFICER – shall, each month contact members regarding medical and veteran affairs that may affect the health and well-being of members, and act as liaison with the Veteran’s Administration and Veterans Hospital regarding assistance for members. This Officer shall be the primary contact for New Members.

FINANCIAL OFFICER – shall be responsible for the collection of any and all records necessary for a directed Audit by the Post or a legal government entity. This officer will keep records of all transactions, separately from the Treasurer, that will provide complete and accurate records as required by any State or Federal authority (i.e., IRS) dealing with fund-raising and/or expenditures for Association Charitable and/or Educational purposes, etc. under existing rules and regulations of IRS Section 501 (c) status.




SECTION 1. The Post Commander shall appoint, upon taking office, the following standing committees: Membership, House, Finance, Legal, Public Affairs, Service and Visits. These committees will be chaired by the appropriate Officer and staff members chosen by that Officer to facilitate the completion of the stated duties of the committee. The Membership may create additional Officers and/or Appointments by consultation with the Commander and having received a majority vote of the Membership:

Membership – all matters pertaining to the eligibility and enrollment of new members and/or reinstatement of lapsed members;

House – all matters pertaining to the procurement and care of Post quarters and arrangements for social activities;

Finance – administration of the financial policy, budget and supervision of receiving, disbursing, and accounting and yearly audit of all Post funds;

Legal – all matters pertaining to legal supervision of Post affairs if needed;


Public Affairs – promotion of the Post, public support of Post programs, liaison with News services, media outlets and local government agencies regarding public activities of the Post;

Service and Visits – all matters pertaining to claims with government, employment and community welfare including visiting sick or bereaved Members and assisting non-ambulatory Members in attending Post meetings and ceremonies.




Section 1. Each member shall provide the Secretary with a mailing address, phone number and email address and notify the Secretary of any changes made to each.

Section 2. The Secretary, or his designee, shall notify each member notice of extra-ordinary meetings of the Post prior to such meetings.



Section 1. The order of procedure at meetings shall be governed “Parliamentary Procedure” (Standard).

Section 2. Post meetings shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month, at 10 am., at a site designated by the Commander or a Post Headquarters building if one is in place.





Section 1. This Post shall not incur, no cause to be incurred, any liability or obligation whatsoever which may or will subject to liability any member of this Post or any other Post, group, individuals or organizations.




Section 1. This Constitution and By-Laws may be amended at any regular Post meeting by a vote of two-thirds of the Members attending such regular meeting, provided that the proposed amendment has been submitted in writing and read at a preceding regular meeting of the Post, and notification has been given to the Membership of the intention to vote upon the Amendment at the next scheduled regular meeting.


Article XI – Elections


Nominations for Office shall be held at the November meeting. Election of Officers shall be held in December, with elected Officers assuming their positions immediately. Members not in attendance at the November meeting shall be notified of nominations and be encouraged to attend the Electoral Meeting in December. Only votes cast by December attendees shall count towards the Election of Officers. Each elected Officer shall hold his or her term for one year.

If an elected Officer shall resign or be unable to continue in office due to health or any other reason, the Membership shall be informed at the monthly meeting and replacement nominations shall be held at that meeting with voting scheduled for the next immediate monthly meeting. In the case of the Commander, the lst Vice Commander shall assume those duties until the nomination and election of the new Commander is completed.




ARTICLE XII – Order of Business

  1. Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Opening Prayer
  3. Sign in of members and Roll Call
  4. Reading of Previous Minutes
  5. Treasurer’s Report
  6. Reports of Officers
  7. Reports of Committees
  8. Old Business
  9. New Business
  • Closing Prayer






To Remember our Brothers and Sisters who have served in War and in Peace,

To Honor the Sacred Memory of Those Who Died in Battle,

   To Adhere to the Principles of the Constitution of the United States of America,

To Insure the Lasting Legacy of All Veterans Who Served This Nation,

To Educate Future Generations of the Principles of Freedom, Justice and Service

   to the Nation, State and the Community of Washington Township.






These Bylaws were voted on and accepted by a majority of the membership on the 9th day of July, 2019         



Thomas V. McBride


Thomas V. McBride