22 Sept Support for Veteran Dennis Ames as requested by his family: The family has been in touch with Larry Oppel and it looks like there will be a formal military service for Dennis. We have been requested to attend this service. IN THE EVENT THE MILITARY DOES NOT PLAN TO ATTEND TO GIVE A FORMAL PRESENTATION, then the Veterans of Post 1776 and Chester American Legion Post 342 will do a military-type service. Larry Oppel will guide our participation. I am sure we will do whatever will be required to make this service meaningful, so please plan to attend whether it is a formal military presentation or we do it. The service will take place on Sunday, September 22 at Ashton Farms which is located at 417 County Road 513 (West Mill Road) at 2:30 PM. The farm is located on the left side of 513 just past Middle Valley.


2:30 PM
4 Oct There will be a general assembly at West Morris. The Legion Post will provide the honor guard for the colors, and we will provide the Veterans’ presence for the event. If you plan to attend, all Veterans should be at the school at 1:30 PM. Our involvement will be to march in and be present for the colors and the Star Spangled Banner, and then as a group, we will be attendees at this great service to honor Jamie Smith.

At West Morris Central High School football field, we will also take part in the events that will occur prior to the 7:00 or 7:30 PM kickoff at the school. Once again, we will be supplying whatever support is required.




2:00 PM



6:30 PM


6- Nov (Please do not arrive prior to the time as it interferes with the start of school.) – Old Farmers Road School breakfast followed by flag raising and a Veterans salute from staff and students, possibly followed by discussions in the classroom. 8:30am


Valley Restaurant on East Mill Road in Long Valley – Washington Township brunch for all Veterans within our township (Veterans only). 9:30am
11-NOV Flag raising at the Kossmann School at 8:00 AM followed by flag raising at the Flocktown School, (refreshments will be served), followed by classroom discussions at 9:30 AM. 8:00 AM