April 2022
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Apr 12 MONTHLY MEETING at the Fairmount Fire House 10:00AM
May 2022
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May 10 MONTHLY MEETING  at the Fairmount Fire House 10:00AM
May 13  Placing flags on graves of our Veterans starting at OLM cemetery and then going to Pleasant Grove cemetery. 9 AM
May 24 Cucinella School

Flag ceremony

1 PM
May 25 Old Farmers Road School  breakfast followed by Memorial Day ceremony Veterans should arrive at STATED TIME to avoid school bus arrival. 8:30 AM
May 27 Kossman Schools Flag ceremony at Kossmann school followed at 8:45 am by Flag ceremony at Flocktown school. At 9:15 am we will have an assembly with the 5th grades followed by refreshments at 10 am. 8:15 AM
May 28  ( Vets should arrive at 11:30 am ) Washington Township Memorial Ceremony at Rock Spring park. 12 Noon
May 29  Religious Service at Church of the Missiah for Memorial Day followed by refreshments. We should be in UNIFORM 10 AM
June 9
 West Morris Central High School to present the Colors at their graduation  in uniform.
Use the main entrance at the school and tell the police officer that you are the honor guard for the graduation.
4:30 PM
June 14
If you have any of the cards and notes that the students gave you at our various visits and have already read them, please bring them to the meeting. I am going to take all the notes and cards and send them to a Vietnam buddy of mine who never received mail in his entire tour in Nam.
10:00 AM 




June 29 Bob Weis’s memorial service.

If you plan to attend, please be at the church at about 10:40 AM in uniform.

11:00 AM

at the Zion Lutheran Church